NFL Gameweek 3 2017


2:30 Kick off

Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars (London)

I'm going to this game, but in all honesty this should be a pretty dull game. There should be plenty of defence and a lot of Blake Bortles turnovers. If Flacco can avoid turning the ball over the Ravens should walk this one. Their defence is going to dominate the entire game.

Prediction: Ravens by 7

6pm Kick Offs

Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions

This is definitely the best game of the 6pm kick offs. The Falcons made a statement last week by beating the Packers convincingly in their home opener. Stafford is having the best stretch of his career so far, and I see him doing enough to keep them in it late, before the Falcons step it up and finish the job.

Prediction: Falcons by 3

Cleveland Browns @ Indianapolis Colts

The Colts defence looked a lot better last week, but the Cardinals offensive line was awful. The Browns line should be able to hold up against the Colts to give Kizer enough time to make some plays. Brissett should give the ball to Frank Gore all game to try and keep their defence off the field. The Browns will get one of their few wins of the season.

Prediction: Browns by 6

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills

I still have no idea why the Broncos are only 3 point favourites. The Bills front seven is good, but they're missing their best player in Marcell Dareus. The Broncos offence has looked impressive, expect a lot of CJ Anderson early to quiet the crowd. The Bills will lean on LeSean McCoy as always, but that Denver defence has looked scary good. I see Tyrod Taylor having a really long game.

Prediction: Broncos by 10

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots

Recently the Texans have always caused Tom Brady problems, so the 14 point spread seems a little high. The Patriots will win because the Texans can't do anything outside of throwing to Deandre Hopkins, and the Belichick has a history of taking away an offence's best player. Gronk being in after his injury is huge, I can't see the Texans scoring enough to keep up.

Patriots by 8

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets

The Jets got absolutely destroyed last week by the Raiders, and although they had some success scoring the Dolphins defence is considerably better than Oakland's. The Dolphins will feed Ajayi a lot of carries, and I can't see the Jets horrific season turning around any time soon.

Prediction: Dolphins by 14

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

It's really tempting to take the Saints +5.5 because of how bad Carolina have looked offensively in the first two weeks of the season. However, Brees typically struggles outdoors on the road and the Panthers defence might be the best in the league at the moment. The Panthers will do just enough to win, and lean on their defence to finish the job.

Prediction: Panthers by 3

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Giants offence has been the biggest disappointment of the season so far. They've gone 8 games without scoring more than 20 points, and I don't care how good your defence is, that isn't acceptable. The Giants line being the main source of the problem, and the Eagles have one of the best defensive lines in the league. If the Giants get behind early, this could get ugly.

Prediction: Eagles by 14

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Chicago Bears

The Bears looked really bad last weekend again the Bucs, and I think they bounce back a bit at home against the Steelers. Big Ben always struggles on the road, so expect Le'Veon Bell to get a ton of carries as usual. The Steelers defence has quietly been really good so far, and I don't see Mike Glennon fairing to well against them.

Steelers by 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Minnesota Vikings

The Bucs looked impressive in their season opener, but the Vikings defence is scary good at home. Apparently Sam Bradford will be back for this game, which is a significant upgrade over Case Keenum. If the Bucs can stop Dalvin Cook they should win this game, but i'm picking the Vikings to pull off the upset.

Prediction: Vikings by 3

9:05 Kick Off

Seattle Seahawks @ Tennessee Titans

The Titans made a statement last week after disappointing in week 1. Seattle can't do anything offensively, so their defence will have to be on their game to keep this one close. I think Derrick Henry is the player the Titans lean on to quieten the Seahawks pass rush with Demarco Murray carrying an injury. This should be low scoring, barring a massive improvement from Seattle's offence.

Prediction: Titans by 5

9:25 Kick Offs

Cincinnati Bengals @ Green Bay Packers

I'm pretty sure an offensive co-ordinator being fired after week 2 is an NFL record, that's how bad the Bengals have been on offence. The Packers were held quiet against the Falcons but they're always tougher to play at home. Aaron Rodgers would rather Nelson be healthy, but with Cobb and Montgomery, he should have enough weapons to move the ball well.

Prediction: Packers by 10

Kansas City Chiefs @ LA Chargers

The Chargers are easily the most unlucky team in the NFL so far this year. Being in positions to win each of their last 2 games only for their special teams to let them down. The Chiefs have found a way to move the ball in both of their games, and I expect Hunt to get plenty of action after the start he's had. I think the Chargers will keep it close, and they don't tend to fare too well in close games.

Prediction: Chiefs by 4

1:30 Kick Off

Oakland Raiders @ Washington Redskins

Both teams have a top-5 offensive line, so both Cousins & Carr will have all day to throw. The main concern for the Raiders will be taking away Jordan Reed, as all of Kirk Cousins' other weapons haven't been effective so far. Their run game was a lot better last week, but they'll need to throw it around to keep up with the Raiders.

Prediction: Raiders by 6

Todays Recommended NFL Tips

Rolling Bet 3

Dolphins -2.5 @ 4/9

Steelers moneyline @ 5/18

Eagles moneyline @ 5/13

Packers -2.5 @ 4/11

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Wembley Bet 1

Bortles under 215.5 passing yards @ 5/6

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Wembley Bet 2

Javorius Allen anytime TD @ 13/8

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Early Double

Ravens -3 @ 5/6

Broncos -3 @ 5/6

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Later Double

Dolphins -6 @ 10/11

Packers -7 @ 20/23

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Falcons moneyline @ 20/31

Broncos -3 @ 5/6

Saints +10.5 @ 20/49

Steelers -2.5 @ 1/3

Vikings +6.5 @ 4/9

Titans moneyline @ 5/7

Chiefs moneyline @ 20/33

Raiders -3 @ 10/11

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Todays Recommended NFL Tips


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